Our Services
Investment Brokerage

Investment Brokerage is part of the support structure necessary to successfully invest in real estate.

Our brokerage team of CCIM members and licensed Realtors go beyond processing your real estate transactions. We utilize our Investing Platform to enable investors to succeed in real estate. ​

We offer commercial, residential, and syndicated investing opportunities. 

Commercial investing requires relationships and finding off-market opportunities. We work with brokers all over the country to help investors find better cap rates in the Midwest. Visit our Library for past transactions and case studies. 

Residential assets range from single-family homes all the way to small apartment complexes. Investors need to have a portfolio approach to residential properties and we can help you optimize your residential portfolio by buying and selling assets to achieve the best overall return. 

We also offer passive investment opportunities in syndicated funds through Petra Investment Partners, a company founded by our co-founder, Noah Swank. 

We have helped investors acquire over $30MM of real estate. 
Construction Services

Construction Services are part of the support structure necessary to successfully invest in real estate.

Our Construction Services team applies the Bet & Assess methodology from our Investing Platform to prevent poor investment decisions that can cause loses that deteriorate investors quality of life.

​​​We help investors make an educated Bet by evaluating the quality of the asset before it is purchased including a budget for immediate work needed and long-term risk factors. Investors can immediately see how much a remodel or turnover costs them due to our custom management reports. And because we maintain long-term relationships with investors and periodically Assess their portfolio, our Construction Services team is held accountable.  

For commercial properties, the primary focus is hitting deadlines and minimizing business interruptions. For residential assets, the primary focus is to remain value-focused and utilize long-term products and processes that protect owners' investments.

Our team of professionals includes a licensed General Contractor and a crew with diverse skill sets that provide the support necessary for enable investors to succeed.   

We have completed over 100 commercial and residential remodeling projects with a total spend over $2.5MM. 
Property Management

Property Management services are part of the support structure necessary to successfully invest in real estate. 

This service provides us with an immense amount of data to utilize in our Investing PlatformThis data provides insights necessary to help investors succeed in real estate. 

Our Property Management team applies our Bet & Assess methodology on a daily basis. They make Bets that prevent poor investment decisions that can cause loses that deteriorate investors quality of life. They are responsible for picking quality tenants, overseeing the property with routine inspections, etc. They Assess using tools like our Turnover Tracker and are held accountable to our Key Performance Indicators. 

Our team of professionals has been in place since 2016. We have property managers assigned to each unit, evening/weekend leasing agents, 24/7 maintenance techs, and other dedicated employees that improves your investing and gives you the freedom to pursue what matters most. 

For details on services included, pricing, FAQs, and available rental properties, visit our dedicated Property Management website. 

We manage over 760,000 square feet of real estate. 
Investment Lending

Helps Growing Real Estate Investors Acquire the Capital They Need to Succeed

At SNC Group we can help with Flip, Construction, Bridge and Fix to Rent Loans


Our goal has always been to Help Investors Succeed in Real Estate, as we all know real estate is very capital intensive and banks are often difficult and expensive to work with that why we:


Lend up to 80% of After Repair Value or 90% of Cost Basis

Simple Underwriting, No Survey, No Appraisal, Close in as little as 1 week

Have a fixed paid at closing, not a fee based on loan size

Will lend on most asset classes in the Kansas market