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Investment FAQs

Updated: Jul 8

Q: What type of property do you specialize in?

A: SNC is experienced in all assets classes including multi-family, commercial and residential.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: SNC works with buyers to acquire investment property that meet their goals. We help sellers to achieve maximum value on their assets and we match together tenants and building owners for long-term business success.

Q: I saw you have CCIM Members on staff, what is a CCIM?

A: CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member and represents proven expertise in financial, market, and investment analysis, in addition to negotiation. You can learn more on the CCIM website: https://www.ccim.com/about-ccim/what-is-a-ccim/

Q: What makes SNC stand-out from other firms?

A: SNC looks at the life cycle of our clients' real estate experience. We focus on understanding your long term goals and help you make decisions with those goals in mind.

Q: What resources can SNC bring to the table that other firms may not?

A: Because SNC Group handles not only brokerage but also construction and property management, we generally have more information available for a client in one place. This increased flow of information can simplify the investment experience for a client and improve your return

Q: Where do SNC clients come from?

A: SNC works with local clients and buyers from all over the world who are looking to gain "boots on the ground". Recently, we have worked with groups of investors from Arizona and other states where real estate markets are saturated.

Q: Does SNC work with investment groups and syndicators?

A: Yes, our staff has a firm understanding of the needs of syndicators, fund sponsors, private equity and their clients. We have connections with financing institutions who are open to working with these groups.

Q: Can SNC help me become a syndicator or deal sponsor?

A: Yes, we have used our experience to advise clients on the steps they need to take to put deals together and source capital. We act as a guide through this process to help our clients grow and, in turn, we grow with them

Q: Can SNC help me sell my property "off-market" without having to inform my tenants?

A: Yes, because of our deep network of investors we can often help sellers and buyers transfer assets in a simple and discrete manner.

Q: Does SNC work with clients in a 1031 Exchange or through Tenant in Common "TIC" transactions?

A: Our team is familiar with tax exchanges and deferrals, and we take pride in helping our clients optimize their tax positions alongside their real estate.

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