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Defining "Insights"

Updated: Jul 8

At SNC Group, we offer a comprehensive real estate investing platform that enables investors to succeed. One of the components of our investing platform is data-based insights.

Consider the following:

Data -----> Information -----> Insight -----> Strategy

Data is simply numbers

Our experience in real estate has allowed us to gather a wealth of data. We have transacted over $20MM in real estate, currently manage over 618,000 sq ft of property, and have completed over $2.5MM of construction projects. But data is simply numbers and is fairly meaningless by itself.

Information is data with context and comparison

To change from data to information, you must have context. A simple data point doesn't imply good or bad, big or small, etc. Accountants are great at changing data into information. They compare with trend reports and provide a % change that implies a good or bad change over time. This is useful for understanding the past but not very useful for making a bet on the future.

Insight is information layered with experience

Our insight comes from our real estate experience. For over a decade, we have put our own money into Midwest real estate. Our experience involves significant gains, significant loses, and everything in between. Our experience and stories is what make our insights valuable.

Strategy is putting insight into action

Now it's time to strategize with our investors. Each investor has unique goals and we apply our data-based insights into helping them make the best decisions to succeed in real estate.

To discuss a strategy for your portfolio, reach out to us at SNC Group at info@choosesnc.com.

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