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Construction Service FAQs

Updated: Jul 8

Q: What experience does SNC Group's Construction Services have?

A: Our crews have completed over 100 commercial and residential remodeling projects with a total spend over $2.5MM.

Q: What type of spaces do you work on?

A: We perform remodels on both residential and commercial buildings.

Q: Can you offer any design assistance?

A: We can provide a lot of practical design assistance based on the experience of previous jobs. We also have the capability to provide life-like renderings of any project to help you visualize your selections.

Q: What do you charge?

A: Each project is unique in terms of the cost structure. In general, we provide bids on larger projects. On smaller projects we charge $45/hr plus a pass through of receipts. If the project includes the usage of subcontractors then there is typically a 10% management markup.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes. We carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We are also a licensed general contractor.

Q: Do you actually do the work or do you sub the work out?

A: We use our own employees to complete the majority of all work. We have strong relationships with sub contractors and will leverage them to complete work when it is more cost effective or if a specialty license is required.

Q: How does Construction Services support Investment Real Estate?

A: When our investment team purchases assets, they are in all states of condition. When these assets are in need of repair, we make sure they are updated in an efficient manner.

Q: Does your Construction Services team offer maintenance services?

A: Maintenance services are conducted by our Property Management maintenance team. We have several in-house maintenance techs that are utilized to make repairs and complete all types of maintenance requests on the properties that we manage.

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