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About Wichita, Kansas

Updated: Jul 8

Learn more about Wichita, KS including population, major industry, universities, average income and cost of living, real estate values and economic and development coalitions.


Wichita MSA

2000 571,000

2010 623,000

Current Est. 655,000

City of Wichita

2000 344,000

2010 382,000

Current Est. 390,000

The Wichita MSA is current the 82nd largest MSA in the United States, and the City of Wichita is currently the 50th largest city.


The main sectors of employment are Agriculture (16%), Manufacturing (15%), Transportation & Utilities (14%), Education & Health (13%), Government (12%), Professional & Business Services (9%), and Hospitality (9%).

The largest employers include Spirit AeroSystems, Textron Aviation, McConnell Air Force Base, USD 259, Ascension Via Christi, and Koch Industries.

UNIVERSITIES Wichita is home to three universities. Wichita State University is the sole public university. Newman University and Friends University are both private universities.

Wichita State University: 16,000 students

Newman University: 3,400 students

Friends University: 1,900 students

AVERAGE INCOME AND COST OF LIVING The current average household income of Wichita residents is $57,000 (9% lower than the national average).

The the cost of living index for Wichita is 92 (8% lower than the average metro).


The average price for a single-family home in Wichita is $132,000. This is about 45% less than the national average. Home ownership rate in Wichita is 60%.

Extensive real estate data can be found at the website listed below:

Wichita State Center for Real Estate (CRE)


The below is serves as a collection of current economic-focused initiatives focused on Wichita and the surrounding community. Each is a hyperlink to their respective websites.

Wichita Downtown Development

Riverfront Legacy Master Plan

The Chung Report

Greater Wichita Partnership

City of Wichita Economic Development

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