Our Platform

At SNC Group, we offer a comprehensive real estate investing platform that enables investors to succeed. 


Data-Based Insights

We gather data from internal and external sources and turn that data into insights that help investors succeed. 

Our data comes from our property management team, years of analytical analysis on over $25MM in property acquisitions, and our own in-house construction team. 

We gather this data and then layer in our knowledge of investors goals, the specific asset in question (context), and our years of experience in order to draw conclusions. We then provide that insight to investors. 

Head to our Library to see how we define data, information, insight, and strategy.


Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals work together to help investors succeed. Our experienced and committed staff have earned designations and certifications including CCIM, REALTOR, CPA, MBA, MAcc, and General Contractor. 

Our team provides the insight and support that improves your investing and gives you the freedom to pursue what matters most.


Bet & Assess

Our Bet & Assess methodology acknowledges that every transaction you enter into in real estate requires you to make a Bet up front and later you must Assess the outcome. We have been in real estate for over a decade and know that success requires both Bet and Assess. 

We are more than a transactional real estate company. We offer long-term insight and support for investors. We have an investing mindsight and help investors reach their unique portfolio goals.